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The Allentown Blues Rugby Football club is a non-profit corporation, founded  in 1967 (See time line below) The club represents High School and Men's Summer 7's, and Youth and High School (U19) 15  a side rugby. Over the years, many Blues All-Star teams and traveling sides have also been developed. The Blues main purpose is to promote the game of rugby in Eastern Pennsylvania. The Blues are full members of USA Rugby and also Rugby Pennsylvania.


Time Line

1963 - Lehigh University has a club side rugby program, coached by Ray Bell and President Rod Grubb, Moravian College also has intramural rugby play.

1966 - Allentown Blues form to play exhibition match with Lehigh Univ. Rusty D'Arconte introduces game to Bob Gotthardt and Butch Devers. Note USA Rugby not formed until 1975.

1967 - First full season with Allentown Blues in ERU.

1968 - Allentown Blues draw much talent. Emil Signes joins club by 1970 Blues were fielding 3 sides.

1971 - Growth continues. Allentown Blues is a founding member club as the EPRU forms.

1974 - Bethlehem Hooligans form.

1978 - Allentown expands with players from Reading, wins three games in Bahamas, a year later Reading forms from Allentown.

1978 to 1989 Allentown Rugby continues play rugby in EPRU.

1990 - Allentown wins Division 3 championship.

1996 to 1998 Both Allentown and Bethlehem have dwindling numbers,.

1998 meeting called Allentown and Bethlehem merge into Lehigh Valley, agreement is that both teams will hold on to some part of there former teams in some way. A majority of players are from Allentown and team plays for 3 years in Bethlehem and in Bethlehem Jerseys. 2001 Dan Benedict puts to vote idea of new Lehigh Valley Jersey's. Vote won.

2001 to 2003 - Dan  Benedict organizes Rugby at Sportsfest and a youth development camp featuring Doc Jones from Kutztown and the US Naval Academy coach. Clinic attracts young players from Allentown and the Lehigh Valley.

2004 Allentown Blues reemerge as a High School team is formed in Allentown. Team wins 2005 and 2006 High School Championship.

2008 - LV agrees to take an oversight role for youth rugby, Dan Benedict elected youth rugby officer.

2010- Lehigh Valley puts to vote an official name change. In fairness and out of respect to former Allentown and Bethlehem players, Youth and High School team chooses Blue Hooligans, men's team chooses Hooligans.

2011 - With a majority of players from Allentown, Dan Benedict brings youth rugby back to Allentown. Blues start training during Winter at Iron Lakes indoor facility. First Presidents day tourney created, indoors. Japanese team from NY City wins. Jeff Duke starts High School 7's program and Dan Benedict creates Men's 7's program for Blues alumni.




2005 Allentown Blues High School team Vs Gonzaga in Washington, DC. Blues lost 5 to 0, Gonzaga went on to become 3rd in the nation and the Blues won the EPRU Championship.  2005 and 2006.

BLUES news & social events


Benny's Blues Jam

This years event will be held in September 2014. More info to follow.





Circa 1970 Allentown Blues stop in to The Ritz BBQ. 



Original Allentown Blues Rugby

Team. Spring 1967

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