What If I have never played?
About half of our high school players started this year (this is true every year) . We will teach you, most everyone on the team has less than 3 years experience, so you are not alone,

What kind of person are you looking for?
The beautiful thing about Rugby is that we need all body types, no matter what shape you are in, we can use you and you will play. We need tall and short, fast and heavy, there are 15 positions on the field; we will find one that you  can excel at. The faster you are the better, a Rugby game is 2 40 minuate haves with no timeouts and no ball stoppage, if you can run for 40 minuates straight that is great, however we also need a few 250+pound players too.

What if I am a Girl?

Great, we are starting a HS Girls team for the Spring of 2017, show up at practice, we will take care of all the paperwork. Since we are not sure if we will field a full girls team (we would need a team of 20 to be comfortable with subs) , by the beginning of March we will know if we will have a team, you will get a refund of the dues if we do not have the team,... you can keep the t-shirt.

What do I need to bring to practice?
If we are indoors, running shoes, if we are outdoors, running shoes and cleats. Bring water (1 liter per hour of practice), a mouth guard and bring one light shirt and one dark shirt (Royal blue). You should bring a small towel and some sort of clean/dry shirt to wear after practice,  most practices you will be drenched in sweat, if we are outdoors you will be muddy.
Is Rugby dangerous?
Life is dangerous, but we teach you how not to get hurt on the Rugby pitch. People (like you mom, who loves you) will be shocked and claim that “Rugby does not have pads” so the thought (in the US) is that you will get hurt without pads and a helmet. Well, actually the pads and helmet are sort of the problem. Kids see the big pads and think they are invincible, and will throw their whole body into knocking you down, Rugby is different three ways;

1) you only have a thick cotton shirt protecting yourself (you can get pads to go underneath), but so does the guy who is tackling you. They are just as vulnerable. On the whole, Rugby players are smarter than Football players, and we all know that we can get hurt, so you learn to tackle the right way.

2) Being tackled is NOT the end of the play, we are tackled many many times during the game and we keep possession of the ball, so when you are about to be tackled it is not the end of the play and you push forward to get that extra yard, you start to think about bring tackled THE RIGHT WAY, and you, as the ball handeler, make sure you are tackeled the right way and you start the next play. 

3) There is no blocking in Rugby, and to tackle someone you need to hold on to him UNTIL YOU ARE BOTH ON THE GROUND. So if some duffus throws his body at you and you fall over, if he is not holding you down, you get up and keep running, he did not tackle you, his just wasted some of your time. We spend an OUTRAGOUS amount of time learning out to tackle, how to BE TACKELED and how to be safe.

 Ok, what is a pitch, why are you guies using funny words? We are not in England.
In rugby, we use different terms, the field is the “Pitch”, a score is a “Try”, Cleats are “Boots”, you will catch on…   This is a pretty good summary of the game: 

How do I convince my parents that I should play?
Easy, have them show up at a practice, if you want to go no contact for a practice, that is fine with us. Rugby is safe, great exercize and the ALLENTOWN BLUES are run by people who love the sport and will do all in our powers to make sure everyone is safe. You can have your parents talk to Coach Fedorov 

What does this cost me?
Dues for 2017 will be $100. Plus you need to sign up with PA rugby, which will cost you $50. We will give you a practice tshirt and a mouthguard. Along with dues you will need a kit (uniform), which is a  A Pair of black Rugby shorts (note; rugby shorts are not running shorts people are going to be grabbing your shorts to bind onto you, please get the right ones)  and  Cool Blue Rugby socks, if you have them from last year, great, you are good, if you need new ones we will make an order in Febuary, the shorts plus socks should cost $20 when we order in bulk.

FYI: if you have braces, you need a special mouthguard, talk to your dentist , he can suggest a style to get),

What forms do I need?

See the "Paperwork and other fun stuff" tab...

What is a typical Practice?

We start at the start time if you are there or not, so if practice is at 4, be there at 3.45. We start with a run and a stretch, we then do ball handling and passing drills, EVERYONE CARRIES THE BALL, everyone has to know how to throw and catch.  That will be a half hour. We then break out into an hour of specialized training, backs and forwards are usually apart for this period. We then try to end with skeleton Rugby (which is like a scrimmage). After most practices the players will go out together and get food.

What can I do to make the coaches life eaiser?

Make sure your parents want you to do this. If you need a coach to come to your house to talk to your parents, tell us, this is possible. Make sure you are on time for games and practices. MAKE a KIT bag, find a big gym bag and put in a spare t-shirt, your boots, your running shoes, clean socks, a towel, some water bottles. Find an adult to help coach.... did one of your parents play Rugby, or do they love you enough to volenteer... great have them contact us, we have some easy work for them to do and we will give them a free t--shirt.